Why My Is iPad Not Charging?

There are quite a few reasons why an iPad is plugged in, yet not charging. Check out these quick troubleshooting tips before you take it in for a repair:

1. The Charger

The charger may be faulty. Try another charger and if the iPad starts charging, you have found the problem.

2. The Port

The charging port may not be functioning correctly and this is probably due to dirt and moisture that may have built up. Clean out the port using a soft brush and this should solve the problem.

3. Defective Port

The charging port or other parts may be defective. It is best to take the iPad back to the Apple Store and have it checked. Any repairs, replacement parts or even replacement of the entire phone should be covered by your guarantee if it is found to be defective.

4. Damage

If you have dropped your iPad, it has gotten wet or any other event occurred that could have damaged the device, the charging capability may be affected. It will be necessary to take it in for repairs however, these repairs will not be covered by your manufacturer’s guarantee. If you have taken out insurance or the iPad is covered by your household insurance policy for damage, they should cover at least a portion of the repair cost. Be aware that you may need to pay a deductible.

5. Not Charging

If your iPad is not charging and shows a message that it isn’t charging when on a charger it means that the power supply (charger) is not delivering a sufficient amount of power to charge the device while it is on or in operation. Switch the device off and it should start charging although this will be a slower process than using the recommended power supply for the iPad.

Remember that different makes and models have different batteries and therefore power supply requirements. It is always advisable to use the correct power supply or charger for your iPad and not one that is designed for a different make or model.

It is also recommended to let your iPad run entirely flat before charging and then allow it to charge fully before removing it from the charger. This will help extend the battery life and prevent a memory from building up. A damaged, defective or old battery may also prevent the device from charging and it is recommended to replace an old battery to prevent damage to the iPad.

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